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Our snakes are kept in enclosures exclusively designed to accommodate our climate and are fed a well balanced to varied diet of rats, mice frogs and quail. We take pride in the fact that we seldom lose any snakes to stress or disease. Due to the good condition of our snakes, venom yields are high and toxicity levels are optimum....


Like every other animal’s toad or frogs have a defense mechanism. Some frogs have exudate gland, situated under their skin. The gland produces venom or toxin that they secret when they feel threatened. A type of frog found in Mexico known as Colorado river frog or Sonoran Desert toad. They have exudate gland which produce two toxin known as 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin. The psychoactive chemical is used mostly for medicinal properties..

A research found that the chemical six time more potent. This potency is very impressive such that The chemical is thus used as a more api to create a more useful powerful drug than the ones found in the market. The narcotic properties of this chemical is used for recreational purposes. But as I have mentioned above the higher potency have higher lethality..


Preventive medicine made with biologically active ingredients. Snake Venom contains biologically active components. That’s why many anti-inflammatory drugs made with snake venom.

Snake Venom has many more traditional medicines and treatments. And there are some snakes that they can’t harm themselves with their venom. With snake venom, researchers have produced and invent hemotoxin and neurotoxin.Also, researchers have used snake venom (hemotoxin) in the treatment of high blood pressure, a blood disorder, heart attack. And neurotoxin is used to treat head problems and strokes. Everyone should know about snake venom uses..

Available Species Include... Black Mamba, Bush Viper, Pit Viper, Shield Nose Snake, Puff Adder Venom,King Cobra, etc...


If you are interested in high quality bee venom powder (Apitoxin) you can purchase it from us at the very competitive price. Certificate and HPLC will be sent to you in case of your interest. We are only company all over the world harvesting bee venom at midnight, when bee s stomach is empty. It is very much important to produce excellent quality bee venom with high activity of all components! And it is one of the several know-hows, what we have for producing top quality bee venom powder. In our bee venom melittin amount is not less than 60%! All our customers producing very affective injectable bee venom, gel and cream of bee venom that really works!Shipment terms: UPS just in time delivery, within 3-4 business days.


Though Scorpion venom is hazardous, in some terms, they have some positive uses. The neurotoxin that is exerted from Scorpion venom can affect the central nervous system. There is a higher chance of killing or paralyzing the body parts. Researchers have found that there are almost 1750 types of Scorpions are available all over the world. From these vast numbers of Scorpions, only around 30 Scorpions venoms are considered to be useful for human.

Scorpion venoms can easily suppressant the moderate or severe pain. So, the uses of scorpion venom as a pain killer has become quite popular and demanding for patients. Scorpion venoms can cure the pain by not causing extremely addiction. The substances which are part of scorpion venom are not often threatening. Some medicinal uses of scorpion venoms depend on the harmful elements of it..

Available Species Include Deathstalker, Black fat–tailed, North African Scorpion etc...


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